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We have already debated about Facebook hacking software - Facebook Freezer in the earlier article How to hack someones Facebook account. But this software doesn't help you in hacking someone's Facebook password. You are unable to use this software to hack a password but only to freeze your victim's Facebook account. Therefore, I will give you a way on how to hack someones Facebook account in this article.

Hack someone's Facebook password

You need to use Facebook Phishing to hack someone's Facebook account password. If you use Hacking Facebook password by using Phishing, you have to create a Fake Facebook login page (ie phisher) which looks exactly similar to the original Facebook login page. When your victim tries to log in his Facebook account on the fake login page, we can easily get Facebook user ID and password. So, how to use Facebook Phishing effectively??? Please follow next steps:

How to hack someones Facebook account

1. Download Facebook fake login page for free ie Facebook Phisher to hack someone's Facebook account password.

2. Now, after downloading and installing Facebook Phisher, you have to register for an account at Login to your account, go to File Manager and upload the Facebook Phisher you have already created in Step 1.

How To Hack Someones Facebook Account

3. After uploading, copy the link address of index.htm.

4. Send this 'index.htm' link to your victim and make him login to his Facebook account by using our sent phisher. You can send him an email with the content like:

Dear Facebook User, We recently noticed that your Facebook account is being accessed by a Third-Party. We think that this is unauthorized access - an attempt to hack your Facbook pasword. So, we need you to confirm the ownership of your Facebook account. Please login to your Facebook account from the link below: Put your phisher link here.

This is just an example mail. You can use your creativity and cleverness to make your email more genuine and believable. As soon as your victim logs in to his Facebook account by using Facebook Phisher, his secrete information such as user ID and password that will be saved in passes.txt file which you already created at your file manager of

How To Hack Into Someone's Facebook Account

Click to open passes.txt to begin hacking user's Facebook account. You will see hacked Facebook password like this:

How To Hack Facebook Accounts

We have already implemented the way of hacking Facebook password. Now you can easily and quickly hack someone's Facebook password.

Update: The easiest way to hack a Facebook account password is using Facebook hacking software - Winspy Keylogger which is FUD (Fully Undetectable). It is personally recommended by Techotoys.

You can find out more other ways to hack a Facebook account.

So everyone, I hope this method is useful and helpful for you to hack someones Facebook account. Now, you can stop finding Facebook hacking tricks on Google. If you have any doubt or problem in this post on How to hack someone's Facebook password, please post in the comment box.

Enjoy hacking Facebook password...